We specialise in the design, sales, installation and service of domestic air conditioning systems. Whether you are building a new home, renovating or would like to heat or cool your existing home.We can arrange an obligation free quotation, personalising an air conditioning system to your individual requirements. 

All our installations are carried out by our qualified staff, ensuring a quality installation every time. For further comfort and peace of mind, we service all work that we have installed. 


A fully ducted system allows you to heat or cool your whole house 24 hours a day. Or you can select the rooms you wish to air condition and save on running costs - for example living areas during the day and bedrooms at night. Fully ducted reverse cycle air conditioning operates from a central unit that air conditions your entire home through unobtrusive grilles located in the ceiling or floor.


A ‘split' system is where the indoor unit sits separately from the outdoor and is connected by refrigeration, copper piping and electrical wiring.

Split systems generally provide the lowest possible noise levels both indoors and outside, and are usually controlled by an infra-red remote control for quick and accurate control of temperature, fan speed, 24 hour timing and air flow direction on some models.

The split type comes in many forms, the most popular being the Hi-wall type; there are also Floor Console, Underceiling, Cassette and Multihead.


We believe air conditioning must be regularly serviced to ensure operational efficiency, effectiveness through all seasons and potential savings on your monthly electricity bills.


We take pride in installing quality air conditioning products and strongly believe that a regular yearly maintenance should be undertaken.

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